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Herewith is timeless. It is a feeling, it is a thought, it is an emotion, it is what she feels inside. Herewith is within her. Herewith resonates with her. Herewith is something she remembers. Herewith is what remains throughout time. It’s seeing a photo you haven’t seen before that makes you see things differently. It’s reading words―the right ones in the right order―that trigger new ideas. It’s watching a video that isn’t just another video. It’s poetry. It's being more inspired by the things that don’t last than the things that do, like late nights, early mornings, bottles of wine, a cigarette on a late night, and weekend road trips when weekends become all you have. It’s being broke. It’s when everything that could possibly go wrong, does. It’s having to stop for cheap fast food on the way home because it’s all you can afford and a greasy cheeseburger was never a bad way to spend your last dollar. It’s Monday morning and dreaming of going back to that weekend from hell because now it feels like heaven.